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Because of their face-to-face personalities, it seem to challenge the best from the newest Fighters

Masaru Daimon

Due to their mutual passion to have Monaca, they may features competed on her recognition as well. Nagisa is actually tend to frustrated with Masaru’s arrogance and you will childishness, especially as the a real commander should be so much more modest and you will dignified.

One line about formal artbook means that previously, Masaru got a habit to inquire of Nagisa to accomplish his homework to have your.

After Masaru’s defeat, Nagisa would not take on their death as the fact and you may tried to encourage others to deliver aside a save having him, implying which he get acknowledge him due to the fact a friend.

Jataro Kemuri

Although Nagisa largely ignores Jataro that is annoyed by his ramblings, he doesn’t frequently harbor an equivalent kind of dislike having him that someone else perform in which he it’s cared about him, identical to the guy cared in the all Fighters. An advantage CG to the most avoid of one’s game reveals a maskless Jataro carrying firmly to Nagisa’s arm. This could signify Jataro observes Nagisa because a calming contour.

Throughout the formal artbook, Nagisa tells Jataro that he is to strive simply throughout the Devil Browse game, perhaps not with themselves. So it is apparently genuine advice and you will phrase of interest.

Kotoko Utsugi

Kotoko did actually possess some adore to have Nagisa, who is «therefore absolute» and you will considers anybody else. But not, she is actually sometime annoyed by his strictness.

After regarding game, Nagisa yourself steps in to help you intervene when he sees Komaru and you will Toko «ganging upon the lady». When Kotoko tries to go after your on the his objective to companion the 2 people, he ends this lady – eventually trying to cover the woman out of Monaca’s wrath.

One line about formal artbook implies that Nagisa thought Kotoko and you will Monaca had been including close friends, obviously unaware of your correct nature of its matchmaking, and then he respected the woman to possess offering Monaca providers.

Junko Enoshima

Nagisa, including the other five, has actually a different sort of admiration and you can love for Junko. She avoided its joint-suicide in the shape of jumping-off the primary school’s roof and you may confident these to not merely kill the source of the depression, the mothers, but in order to make an utopia for the kids by the murdering all of the adults. He makes reference to the girl as the larger sister Junko.

Nagisa publicly makes reference to himself since Junko’s «property», and you can states he does not care and attention if or not she put your or not due to the fact Junko had finally given your a conclusion to live.


  • «I am Nagisa Shingetsu. From the Fighters out-of Promise, We play the role of brand new vice leader and Sage. Once i attended primary college or university, I was labeled as Li’l Ultimate Societal Knowledge. However, Personal Studies is the one section of my personal assistance. We excel at most of the scholarly pursuits. I was branded Li’l Ultimate Personal Degree given that I happened to be elevated is certainly society’s top-notch. And you can. I guess I’m a babysitter out-of manner to the Warriors of Hope. Monaca excluded.»
  • «Looking for meaning regarding the meaningless is for people. Children are untainted by the eg futility.»
  • «All we need was a peaceful paradise… Where children normally live without anxiety.»
  • «D-You shouldn’t be foolish! That is not correct! I’ll be children up to We die! I might rather die right now than be a grownup! Right trust me?»
  • «Ganging up and abusing a child. It is such as for example another skills anything you grownups features. Most of the we truly need is actually a quiet paradise. Where children is alive versus fear. There is absolutely no most other options. We should instead destroy them. If we permit them to real time, all of our paradise was undone. Assuming that takes place, i will be compelled to survive our very own serious pain once more. Absolutely nothing will be different. We can not be at rest up to we have destroyed every one of those. Therefore we need certainly to eliminate the Demons! To protect our world!»